Scotty McCreery Shares Adorable New Photo Of Baby Boy As He Turns 4 Months Old

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Scotty McCreery and his wife, Gabi, had their first child on October 24. They welcomed a baby boy, and named him Merrick “Avery.” His first name is in honor of Gabi’s father, Merrick “Tre” Dugal.

Scotty and Gabi’s baby boy will go by his middle name, Avery.


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Over the past few months, Scotty and Gabi have posted several photos of Avery on social media. One of the cutest pictures Scotty shared shows him holding his son onstage for the first time.

My little man on the big stage,” Scotty captioned the sweet snapshot, which he posted in early February.


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Baby Avery turned four months old in February. Gabi celebrated the milestone by sharing an adorable new photo of him on her Instagram Story.

The picture shows Avery in front of a letterboard that reads “4 Months Old.” He was surrounded by his stuffed animals, which are all Winnie-the-Pooh characters.

Scotty shared the same picture on his own Instagam Story and also shared it on Facebook. “That’s my boy!!” he said in the caption.

You can see the cute new photo of Avery below. He’s growing up so fast!

While Gabi was still pregnant, she and Scotty filmed the music video for his song “It Matters to Her.” The video shows the two of them preparing the nursery and getting ready for Avery’s arrival. Your heart will melt when you watch the video below.

We’re so happy for Scotty and Gabi!