Sam Hunt Answers Everyone’s Biggest Question…Is He Ready For A Baby?

John Shearer / Contributor / Getty Images

All About Country Music’s Mysterious Couple, The Hunts

Sam Hunt and his wife, Hannah, may have just celebrated their first wedding anniversary in April, but the two of them have been together much longer than that. They spent years together as an on and off couple before they finally announced their engagement in January 2017.

The couple married during a ceremony in Hunt’s hometown of Cedartown, Georgia, on April 15, 2017. Other than an appearance together at the CMT Music Awards in June, the couple decided to lay low for the entire year.

Well, as low as they could considering the fact that Sam had the hottest country song in the nation…”Body Like a Back Road.” Like the majority of Sams’s hit songs, “Back Road” was inspired by Hannah.

Radio Hosts Ask Every Sam Hunt Fan’s Burning Question

Despite how successful “Back Road” was, Sam held off on releasing any additional songs. Finally, he debuted a brand-new track titled “Downtown’s Dead,” and suddenly popped back into the spotlight again so he could promote the song.

Sam stopped by the Ty, Kelly & Chuck radio show to chat about “Downtown’s Dead” and his future plans.The hosts of the show weren’t the least bit shy to ask Sam the question that many of his fans have been wondering. And that question had nothing to do with his music.

You see, even though Sam and Hannah have only been married for a year, curious fans are anxious to know when they plan to start having children. So the hosts of the Ty, Kelly & Chuck show decided to ask Sam the big question on everyone’s behalf.

So What’s The Plan?

Normally when asked about kids, country stars tend to dance around the question. Or, they’ll give the usual “yes,” that they’re definitely thinking about having kids some day.

But not Sam. In fact, he made it crystal clear that he is pumped to start having kids, perhaps sooner rather than later. He’s even more excited than Hannah is!

I’ve got more baby fever than my wife I think,” he said. “But she’s coming around, past couple weeks she’s brought it up a couple times.”

The way he’s talking makes it sound like the Hunt family may be expanding some time in the near future. How exciting!

You can listen to Sam talk more about his future baby plans by watching his interview on Ty, Kelly & Chuck below.