Sadie Robertson’s Husband Confronts 2 Men Who Laughed At Her During Speech

Christian Huff / Instagram

Since the popular A&E show Duck Dynasty ended in 2017, Sadie Robertson has made a name for herself by doing lots of public speaking. She is often quite vulnerable when speaking and references how God has helped her through her tough situations.

Recently, she was at a speaking engagement where she opened up about something she had never shared publicly before. Because of the vulnerability of her story, Robertson started to get emotional and cry. The story she shared was when a guy left her “really hurt.” After she shed a few tears, two men in the audience began to laugh. When she noticed them, she stopped what she was doing to address them.

Robertson told them, “You laugh, but it’s these kind of things that ruins a girl.”

What she didn’t know until the whole night was over was that her husband of 10 months, Christian Huff, stood up for her as well. She shared the entire story on her Instagram on Monday (August 17).

She started her appreciation post telling her followers to “wait for the guy that you don’t have to stand up to, but that stands up for you.”

Robertson said, “I quickly realized I wasn’t the only one who stood up for myself. This husband of mine took them outside, and no, did not hit them, but called them to be better men.”

She continued, “He called them to maturity and to greatness. There are both types of guys and girls out there, and every guy and girl has the opportunity to mature and be better. Let’s not just bash people, but teach them. Let’s not just cancel people, but enlighten them.”

Robertson admitted that her husband used to be like those men, but “Jesus called him” to be a better man. She notes that if her husband can answer His call, so can you.

Huff responded to her post saying, “Love doing life with you.”

Watch their wedding video below.