Sadie Robertson’s Husband, Christian, Dresses As Elvis For Nephew’s Birthday Party

Sadie Robertson / Instagram

On January 11, 2019, Rebecca Robertson and her husband John Reed Loflin, welcomed their first child, a son they named Zane. The little fella was surrounded by love from the moment he came into the world.

The entire Robertson family has fawned over Zane, especially since he is Willie and Korie’s first grandchild. If you look on any of the family members’ social media accounts, you’ll find they all love sharing photos of Zane with their followers.

So in honor of her son’s first birthday, Rebecca posted a special photo on Instagram. She said the picture was inspired by a friend who takes a picture of her child every year at the exact time of birth. 

Rebecca and John Reed did the same thing with Zane, even though they were traveling in Taiwan at the time. They made sure to set their alarms correctly to account for the difference in time zones!

Since the Loflins were overseas on Zane’s actual birthday, they threw his first birthday party after they returned home to Louisiana.

The Robertsons turned out to celebrate Zane during his Elvis-themed party. Rebecca posted a bunch of adorable photos from the happy day, which show Zane dressed up in a tiny jumpsuit much like the ones Elvis became famous for wearing.

Zane wasn’t the only one who dressed up for the party. All of the guests donned 50s-style attire, or simply dressed as “The King” himself.

As you scroll through the above slideshows, you’ll catch a glimpse of Rebecca’s sister, Sadie, with her husband, Christian Huff. The couple went all-out when it came time to dress up for their nephew’s birthday party, and fully embraced the Elvis theme.

Sadie donned a 50s-style skirt that had records and music notes printed on the fabric. As for Christian, he channeled his inner Elvis and wore a white, bedazzled jumpsuit.

He topped off the look by adding a pair of large, gold sunglasses and a set of fake sideburns.

Sadie posted pictures showcasing what she and Christian wore to Zane’s birthday party. Rebecca took to the comments to compliment their outfits, saying “Best dressed award goes to the HUFFS!!!

You can see Sadie and Christian’s cool costumes in the below slideshow.

We have to agree with Rebecca, the Huffs dressed to the nines for their nephew’s first birthday party!

The couple also got all dressed up for their November 2019 wedding. Sadie wore not one, but two dresses that day, opting to change into a different dress for the latter part of their reception.

You can learn more about the Huffs’ romantic wedding by tuning in to the video below.

Between the holidays and Zane’s birthday, Sadie and Christian have been able to celebrate so many fun things in their first few months of marriage!