Sadie Robertson Shares Video Of Daughter Taking Her 1st Steps

Sadie Robertson Huff / Instagram

Sadie Robertson and her husband, Christian Huff, welcomed their first child in May. They had a baby girl, and named her Honey James Huff.

It’s hard to believe, but baby Honey is now seven months old. And she just hit a major milestone…she took her first steps!

Sadie took to her Instagram Story to share a short video of Honey learning to walk. Her mother, Korie, held on to Honey and then let her go to see if she would take a few steps.

Honey tried to walk, but didn’t quite master the skill right away. She tumbled into Sadie’s outstretched arms, and Sadie helped her get back on her feet.

Sadie then handed her daughter back to Korie, who let her go again. Sadie was holding what looked like a small evergreen tree toy to entice Honey to walk to her, and that time, she did!

Honey took a few confident steps, and Korie was amazed. “Oh my gosh!” she exclaimed.

Sadie Robertson Huff / Instagram
Sadie Robertson Huff / Instagram

Sadie was equally thrilled. She captioned the video, “ALSO THIS HAPPENED LAST NIGHT!!!! WHAT?!?!!!?? 7 months old and just took her first little steps.”

Such a celebratory moment! 

The next morning, baby Honey was all dressed up in an adorable Christmas dress. Her grandma Korie thought she was too cute to handle. She shared some photos of her on her own Instagram page, writing, “Can’t get over this little Christmas angel in all her cuteness this morning.”

Look below to see the precious photos of Honey in her Christmas dress. She’s growing up so fast!