Sadie Robertson Shares Sad News About Her Relationship With Boyfriend Austin North


Sadie Robertson/Instagram


Duck Dynasty cutie Sadie Robertson is single once again. The 21-year old shared news of her split from Disney Channel alum Austin North during an interview with Us Weekly.

“We broke up. He’s an amazing guy and I wish him all the best. We’re friends. It just didn’t work out,” Robertson said before adding that the two are still friends. “He actually just texted me the other day and said he was thinking about me … and I think that’s beautiful. That’s how it should be.”


Sadie didn’t reveal when she and Austin called it quits, but speculation has been swirling for months after the pair stopped posting photos together in mid-June. Sadie’s final post of her and her beau was on her birthday and included a video of Austin giving her an adorable peck on the cheek.

For the four months that Sadie and Austin dated, their Instagram feeds were full of photos together and all signs posted to their relationship being the real deal, so the breakup came as a shock to many of their fans.

hey lova lova I’m absolutely crazy bout ya :)))

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cold brew & boo could a girl be happier ?

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According to Sadie’s interview with Us Weekly, she is looking forward to being single and isn’t focused on dating at the moment. She also added that while she “doesn’t necessarily have a type,” it is important to her that the man she’s with shares her values and that she hopes for a relationship full of “purpose.”

“I’m looking for somebody who is the same way where things just matter and that faith is the most important thing in their life and they can be passionate about the things that we get to do and that’s an important quality,” Robertson said.

Sadie and Austin started dating in April of this year after being set up by a friend. Although they had corresponded via DM two years ago, it wasn’t until they met in person earlier this year that they gave the relationship a shot.

“We both laughed and couldn’t believe the randomness of finally meeting [through] a friend who had no idea we even knew each other,” Sadie said. “[We] had heart eyes for each other.”

In the last year, Sadie has appeared in music videos with country singers Brett Eldredge and Lawson Bates. Fans were hopeful that Eldredge and Robertson would start dating, but both made it very clear that they were just friends.

Watch Sadie Robertson star alongside Lawson Bates in his music video for “Past the Past” below.


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