Sadie Robertson Shares New Photos From Joint Baby Shower With Sister-In-Law Mary Kate

Sadie Robertson Huff / Instagram

The Robertson family of Duck Dynasty fame has double the reason to celebrate right now. That’s because they’re about to add two new ducklings to their brood!

Two of Willie and Korie Robertson‘s kids are currently expecting. Their son, John Luke, and his wife Mary Kate are expecting their second child (they are already parents to a one-year-old son, John Shepherd). Their daughter, Sadie, and her husband Christian Huff are preparing to welcome their firstborn child.

Both Mary Kate and Sadie are expecting girls, and their due dates are just a week and a half apart!

Since Mary Kate and Sadie are due to give birth around the same time, their family recently threw a joint baby shower for them. Sadie reflected on the happy day in a post on Instagram, and shared a few photos of her and Mary Kate cradling their baby bumps.

can’t wait to meet our girls!” Sadie captioned the pictures. “Loved celebrating with you today! Thank you to all the amazing women who put on our shower for us. It was so so special.”


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Mary Kate commented on the post, and wrote, “The absolute sweetest blessing!! It’s been so special & I think it’s only going to get more & more fun!!

Sadie has since shared more photos from her and Mary Kate’s joint baby shower. This second slideshow contains pictures of her with her friends and other members of her family.

She also posted photos of some of the decor and food at the shower, including some frosted gold and white cookies that said “baby” and “welcome little one.”


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Other members of the Robertson family also posted pictures from Sadie and Mary Kate’s joint shower.

Sadie’s mom, grandma, and husband all shared photos from the happy day. One of our favorite pictures was posted by Sadie’s mom, Korie, and shows Sadie and Mary Kate with many of the women in the family.

From left to right, the photo depicts Rebecca (Sadie’s sister), Miss Kay (Sadie’s grandma/Willie’s mom), Bella (Sadie’s sister), Mary Kate, Sadie, Korie, and Chrys (Sadie’s grandma/Korie’s mom).


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See more photos from Sadie and Mary Kate’s shower below. It looks like it was a joyful day!

We’re so happy for these two girls and their growing families!


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