Sadie Robertson Reveals Name Of Baby #2

Sadie Robertson Huff / Instagram

Sadie Robertson Huff and her husband, Christian, are expecting their second child. The couple already shares a nearly two-year-old daughter, Honey James.

The former Duck Dynasty star announced her second pregnancy in November. Two weeks later, she shared a video revealing they’re expecting another girl!


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Sadie and Christian have kept Baby #2’s name a secret up until now. They finally revealed the name during the March 29 episode of Sadie’s WHOA That’s Good Podcast.

First, Sadie told the story behind the baby’s name. She she wasn’t even pregnant at the time when the name came to her mind:

“So I started praying on a plane one day, and I was looking out at the clouds and I just remember so specifically the name just dropped into my spirit. And it was a first name and a middle name. I looked at Christian and I was like, ‘What do you think of this name?'”

From there, Sadie revealed the baby’s name…Haven Belle. She explained the meaning behind the names, saying:

“I felt like the Lord dropped in my spirit the name Haven Belle, which was so beautiful because ‘haven’ which means ‘safe place or a refuge’ and then ‘belle’ means ‘beautiful.’ I thought it was just such a beautiful name because it means a beautiful safe place.”

Sadie also said “Belle” is a nod to her younger sister, Bella. “The middle name is significant because I have a sister named Bella. She is my girl, and this is Honey’s first sister, so this is kind of a nod to my sister


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The name “Haven” has an added level of meaning for Sadie and Christian. A few months after deciding on the name, Sadie noticed the word “haven” on a photo taken during her and Christian’s first date. The only other photo Sadie has from their date shows a mug she painted that has the word “honey” on it.

“I just love that back on our very first date…God knew that we would have two daughters one day and that their names would be Honey and Haven,” she said.

Sadie and Christian also shared some new family photos to celebrate the reveal of Haven’s name. Flip through those photos in the slideshow below.

Congratulations to the Huffs on their growing family!