Sadie Robertson Gushes About Boyfriend In Adorable New Instagram Post

Sadie Robertson / Instagram

Duck Dynasty Sadie Robertson star is in love, and she doesn’t care who knows!

The 21-year-old began dating her boyfriend, Christian Huff, back in September, but didn’t tell her fans until Valentine’s Day when she shared a cute photo of him with a balloon and teddy bear.


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celebrating this kind of love everyday, but with a teddy bear and balloons today. thank you for how you love and who you are ! ??

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In honor of their six-month anniversary in March, she shared some never-before-seen photos and videos of the two of them, and she looked happier than ever!

Today marks half a year of being your girl and it has been the sweetest and purest JOY! There’s no one that loves like you do. You’ve brought so much life and freedom into my life!” she wrote. “Cheers to more chins, more laughter, more car stops to dance, more random song breakouts, more basketball plays, more encouragement, more cinnamon rolls, more back rides, more trivia crack :), more love, and more Jesus filled life and joy!

Robertson ended the sweet tribute with, “I love you some kinda crazy.

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Since Robertson is extremely open with her fan base, they had a lot of questions about her relationship during an “Ask Me Anything” session she had a few days ago. A fan asked her “What do you love most about Christian?”

She was going to answer it that day, but she realized she had so many things to say, she decided to do an entire post dedicated to her answer to this question. Robertson started off the post by saying, “He’s strong and kind. He’s handsome and humble. He is hilarious. He’s my best friend and the best one to have.”


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L O V E R ??

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She continued saying that their relationship isn’t perfect, and she doesn’t want it to be! They work through their issues together and she is so thankful for God placing him in her life.

“I literally have a picture of us taped to the back of my bible to remind me to thank God for this miracle,” she said.

Another thing she loves about him is his eyes, but “not just because they are beautiful, but because of what they seek and what they find. But to answer what I love most about him would be His pursuit of love. His pursuit of the Lord caught my attention me before He started to pursue me. I saw the way his eyes were so captivated by God who is love and I felt the fruit of that fixation when he spoke to me. Now i feel it in the way he looks at me, and loves me.”


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well at least one of them is golden :-)??

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If that isn’t love, we don’t know what is! We are so happy that Robertson has found Huff, and hope their relationship lasts a lifetime!

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