Sadie Robertson Gets Tattoo You Have To See To Believe

legitsadierob / Instagram

Since November 2015, Sadie Robertson has been the proud wearer of one single tattoo. On the inside of her left wrist, the word “Fearless” in typewriter font appeared, which had a special meaning for the then-18-year-old Duck Dynasty star.

I fully understand tattoos are not for everyone,” she wrote alongside the photo revealing her fresh ink to her fans. She went on to explain that for years, fear and anxiety consumed her. She toured with Winter Jam that year, and at the end of the tour, she became less anxious and less fearful.

She wrote, “I had people come up to me and tell me these words ‘Sadie you are fearless’ which was something so new to hear considering I am the one who has always struggled with FEAR! I decided that’s enough. I am a fearless child of God. I will not fear, because I serve The God who has conquered all fear. I’m proud to permanently have a reminder that I have nothing to fear. I am fearless in The Name Of Jesus.”

She also made sure her fans knew that her dad, Willie Robertson, approved of the tattoo.

Well, just about three years later, Sadie sat in the tattoo chair once again – even though she’s previously said she never thought she’d even get her first one!

The Dancing with the Stars runner-up, now 21, showed off her new ink to her 3.1 million Instagram followers by lifting up her sleeve to make sure it was visible.

Her ink is so minimal that you might not even be able to see it very well in her Instagram post! The word “original” is now written in cursive on the inside of her right forearm.

Below is a zoomed in photo to see it a little bit better.

legitsadierob / Instagram

What do you think about her new “original” tattoo? The word has plenty of significance for her. For starters, her dad used to call her “The Original” when she was younger, and she has turned the phrase “Live original” into her brand.

The three tours she has gone on the past few years have been called the Live Original Tour, and she released a Live Original book several years ago.

Watch Sadie talk about her tattoo in the video below.