Sadie Robertson Cozies Up To Boyfriend In New Photos

Sadie Robertson/Instagram

It’s only been two weeks since Sadie Robertson revealed that there’s a new man in her life. The 20-year old Duck Dynasty star shared the news on Instagram with a photo of herself and actor Austin North. Robertson spoke with ET the day after she made the announcement and shared exactly how the two met.

“Austin DMed me on Twitter two summers ago and quickly got out of the DMs by giving me his number,” Robertson told ET. “We spent most of that summer calling and texting until things fizzled out just from lack of never actually meeting. Almost two years have gone by and I was in LA for my book press, and my friend said she wanted to set me up with someone at Churchome when we went on a Wednesday night, and to my surprise it was Austin!”

Sadie added that they “instantly had heart eyes for each other” and that they are extremely happy.

Robertson has been hesitant in the past to discuss her relationships publicly, but states that with North it’s different.

“We both have enough confidence in [our relationship that] we want to share it with people,” she says. “I have always said differently because it’s something I have been afraid of, to be publicly official. But with him, everything’s different.”

North, who is best known for his role as Logan Watson in the Disney Channel show I Didn’t Do It, has met Sadie’s mom and has her approval.

“He’s so sweet. He’s so much fun. He loves the Lord and is passionate about life,” Robertson said. “We laugh a lot and, just honestly, both really like each other and ice cream. We’re cheesy, but thriving.”

In new photos shared to Instagram Friday night, Sadie and Austin look happy and content as they pose barefoot on the beach with their arms around in other. In one photo, Austin is kissing Sadie’s cheek. Sadie’s simple caption read “wow, what a day. one for the books,” and it cause a lot of speculation from fans who wondered if she was hinting at an engagement.

But, for now it appears that Sadie and Austin are simply enjoying their new relationship and aren’t in any rush to get to the altar. Check out Sadie’s new photos below.