Rwandan Man Ignores Lockdown Orders, Goes Fishing & Gets Eaten By Crocodile

Watetezitv / Facebook

A man ignoring the government’s public announcement to stay at home so they can slow the spreading of COVID-19 has just paid the ultimate price. He lost his life by getting eaten by and crocodile.

The man was from Rwanda, which is a country located in East Africa. The country went into full lockdown last Sunday (March 22nd, 2020), and the mayor of the southern Kamonyi district, Alice Kayitesi, said the incident happened on the following Wednesday while the man was fishing in the Nyabarongo River early in the morning.

“He had broken the stay-home rule. He’s among very few people here who are not co-operating with the lockdown to stop the coronavirus,” Ms. Kayitesi told BBC.

According to Rwanda’s official coronavirus website, the country has confirmed 41 of its residents have tested positive for the highly infectious disease and fortunately, no one has died from it yet. However, they say they are struggling to keep people quarantined. Just last Monday police shot and killed two men in the southern district of Nyanza after getting into an altercation over the lockdown.

Rwanda may be a very small country with only 10,169 square miles of land, but it is the most densely populated mainland country in Africa. It has a population of 12.6 million people living on a piece of land that’s smaller than the island of Jamaica.

Their first case of COVID-19 was on March 13th and because of their experience with the highly infectious disease Ebola, within 9 days they had the whole country on lockdown. Hopefully, the residents will take the lockdown more seriously now so they can save as many people as possible.