Rottweilers Fight Off Thieves Attempting To Steal & Slaughter Horses For Black Market

FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay / YouTube

Brena Kramer from Zephyrhills in Pasco County, Florida was getting her beauty rest the other night when she woke up to the loud noise of her Rottweilers barking up a storm in the horse barn.

As she ran out to investigate she noticed something weird – the power supply to the horse barn had been cut off. The next thing she noticed was that someone was clearly in there trying to steal her horses. One of her horses had a rope tied around its neck and rope burn marks on its face as if someone was pulling against it, trying to steal it.

Even one of her 3-year-old rottweilers named Dallas had two puncture wounds above his left eye most likely from trying to bite the intruders. Fortunately, she had the rottweilers protecting the place because the area had been experiencing a high amount of horse slaughtering the past few months.

“It’s common down south. It’s something that most horse owners know about, especially in Florida. This is more of a black market thing. It depends on where you go and who you know as to how much it sells for per pound,” Brena told to Fox13 News.

Apparently selling horse meat on the black market pays well and that’s exactly what Brena thinks the horse thief was trying to steal her horses, butcher them and sell them. There have actually been several cases in the area of people waking up to find their horses stolen or partially butchered. Brena’s just happy her horses are safe.