Rory Feek’s Precious Little One Squeals With Excitement Over Her Favorite Thing

Rory Feek / Instagram

When the world fell in love with the country duo, Joey + Rory, they fell in love with their talent and timeless music. As their family grew, there was more to love as Rory’s daughters from a previous relationship, Heidi and Hopie helped Rory raise the daughter he had with Joey. Indiana, or “Indy” as everyone calls her – has been growing up right before our eyes and now she is literally running off to school!

In March 2016, the family endured a heartbreak no one should endure when they tragically lost Joey to cancer. While the loss was heart-wrenching, they have stuck together like glue and continue to keep a positive outlook on life and love.

By doing this, little Indy has been able to grow up happy and excited about the world around her. In September, she started school with her friends at Hardison Mill School. Her first day was so much fun that she loves going back every day now!

Little Indy loves school so much that she has started to literally run to it in the mornings! Decked out in a cowgirl hat, and a warm jacket for the cold mornings- she is ready to go and boy, is she going!


You can watch her adorable sprint to school below and be sure to send her a bit of encouragement to stay curious in the comments!