Robert Irwin Shows Support For Sister Bindi After She Reveals Struggle With Endometriosis

(Left) Bindi Irwin / Instagram / (Right) Robert Irwin / Instagram

On Tuesday (March 7), Bindi Irwin revealed she recently underwent surgery for endometriosis. She had “37 lesions, some very deep & difficult to remove, & a chocolate cyst.”

Bindi went into detail about her ten-year struggle with severe pain…but she never had a diagnosis. She said:

“For 10yrs I’ve struggled with insurmountable fatigue, pain & nausea. Trying to remain a positive person & hide the pain has been a very long road. These last 10yrs have included many tests, doctors visits, scans, etc. A doctor told me it was simply something you deal with as a woman & I gave up entirely, trying to function through the pain.”

A friend of Bindi’s encouraged her to search for help, and she finally found a doctor who would listen. She said her doctor’s first words to her after surgery were, “How did you live with this much pain?


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The Mayo Clinic defines endometriosis as “an often painful disorder in which tissue similar to the tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus — the endometrium — grows outside your uterus.” The disorder can cause intense pain, particularly during menstrual periods. Those with endometriosis may also experience problems with fertility.

Bindi and her husband, Chandler, have a two-year old daughter named Grace. Because she’s a public figure, Bindi often gets asked when she’ll have more children. She wanted to remind people to think before they ask anyone that question, since they never know what someone is going through.

“Please be gentle & pause before asking me (or any woman) when we’ll be having more children. After all that my body has gone through, I feel tremendously grateful that we have our gorgeous daughter. She feels like our family’s miracle,” she said.


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Bindi continued:

“My family & friends who have been on this journey with me for 10+ yrs – THANK YOU, for encouraging me to find answers when I thought I’d never climb out. Thank you to the doctors & nurses who believed my pain. I’m on the road to recovery & the gratitude I feel is overwhelming. To those questioning the cancelled plans, unanswered messages & absence – I had been pouring every ounce of the energy I had left into our daughter & family.”

One of Bindi’s strongest supporters has been her younger brother, Robert. After Bindi came forward with her diagnosis, Robert made a post to show his sister some love. He said:

“Bindi, I’m so proud of you. It’s been a long battle through a decade of pain, but you are finally on the road to recovery. I’m so happy you can have your life back. Endometriosis is a horrible, crippling disease and too many women endure this in silence, or are never even diagnosed. Bindi, your story of resilience is a beacon for women around the world who are suffering – and it’s a wake up call for men too. It’s *everyone’s* responsibility to be allies for womens health and help spread awareness. You never know who’s suffering in silence, let’s make this a topic that we all freely talk about.”

Bindi left a comment and wrote, “Thank you for being the best brother. For always being there. Love you so much.”

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Bindi wanted to share her story to help others who may be struggling with the same thing:

There’s stigma around this awful disease,” Bindi said. “I’m sharing my story for anyone who reads this & is quietly dealing with pain & no answers. Let this be your validation that your pain is real & you deserve help. Keep searching for answers.”

She also included a link to where you can find more information and learn about their foundation.