Riley Strain Remembered During Celebration Of Life

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A week after Riley Strain’s body was discovered in Nashville’s Cumberland River, loved ones gathered to commemorate the college student’s life.

The heartfelt service took place in his hometown of Springfield, Missouri, two weeks after his initial disappearance, offering solace and remembrance to family and friends.

According to ABC News, the funeral included songs that held special meaning for Riley’s parents, evoking memories of their son, as well as music selections that resonated with his childhood friends.

One of Riley’s favorite songs, “Something In The Orange” by country star Zach Bryan, was played at the service.

Sherry Adams, who works at the funeral home, noted that mourners wore green attire in honor of Riley. Something that he frequently said was, “Green makes you look good.”

At the service, Riley’s high school friend, Joey Cockell, shared a valuable lesson he learned from Riley.

“Always stay in the present and don’t overthink.”

“I can’t put into words how much I miss hearing his voice,” Cockell continued. “Without Riley, I’m lost.”

Turning directly to his friend, Cockell said, “I want you to know how much I love you and will always be thinking of you…and I hope I make you proud.”

Riley Strain's mom recalled their final conversation before he went missing on March 8th
WZTV FOX 17 News, Nashville / Facebook

Riley Strain vanished during a trip to Nashville with his college fraternity.

While at Luke Bryan’s downtown bar, Luke’s 32 Bridge, on March 8, Riley was kicked out. He told a friend he would return to their hotel but never did. His disappearance was only noticed the next morning, prompting a missing persons report.

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Despite an extensive two-week search, including surveillance footage from local businesses, Riley’s fate remained a mystery.

Tragically, his body was found in the Cumberland River about 8 miles from downtown Nashville.

In his obituary, Riley Strain was noted for his “deep care for the community and the environment.” His love for his family was also emphasized.

“Riley Strain’s presence will be profoundly missed, but his joyous approach to life and the happiness he brought to those around him will forever be remembered.”