Riley Kough Remembers Last Time She Saw Her Mom, Lisa Marie Presley

Lisa Presley and Riley Keough.

Riley Keough / Instagram

In an interview with Vanity Fair for September’s cover story, acclaimed actress Riley Keough paints a picture of her last interaction with her mother, the late Lisa Marie Presley.

Riley Keough, renowned for her role in “Daisy Jones and the Six,” shared an intimate glimpse into their final moments together.

The last time Keough saw her mother was in Hollywood the day before the Golden Globes when the mother-daughter duo attended a gathering celebrating the film Elvis. Keough, 34, reflects on the dinner they shared that night, describing her mother’s appearance as “beautiful,” a lasting image she holds dear.

“We had dinner,” the actress told Vanity Fair of their January 9th meeting. “That was the last time I saw her. I remember thinking about how beautiful she looked, and that was my strongest memory of the dinner.”

Lisa Marie Presley would die three days later of complications following weight loss surgery she’d had years prior.


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Keough, who has experienced her fair share of hardships, has transformed her pain into strength. Following the tragic loss of her younger brother Benjamin to suicide in 2020, and subsequently, her mother’s unexpected passing two and a half years later, Keough has navigated the depths of grief and ended up coming out stronger.

Keough shared with Vanity Fair, “I have been through a great deal of pain and I’ve had my… Parts of me have died and I’ve felt like my heart has exploded, but I also feel… I’m trying to think of how to phrase this… I have strengthened the qualities that have come about through adversity.”


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Riley Kough Speaks About Her Mom

Reflecting on the whirlwind of emotions that accompanied these losses, Keough’s perspective is one of growth and renewal. Keough lovingly remembers Lisa Marie Presley as a force to be reckoned with, a woman of unwavering loyalty, love, and ferocity.

Keough describes her mother as “She had to develop very thick skin. She was a very powerful presence and extremely loving and extremely loyal and sort of a lioness — a fierce woman, and a really wonderful mother. I think that would be my summary because I’m her daughter. She was the best mom.”

As the third anniversary of her brother’s passing came and went, Keough shared a heartfelt tribute on her Instagram Story—a touching black-and-white snapshot of her mother and a young Benjamin, capturing a cherished moment frozen in time.

Riley Keough with her mother Lisa Marie Presley, brother Benjamin Keough, and sisters Harper and Finley Lockwood
Lisa Marie Presley / Instagram

In a surprising turn, Keough has now been entrusted with overseeing Lisa Marie Presley’s estate, following a legal dispute with grandmother Priscilla Presley. Alongside her role as sole trustee, Keough will also be overseeing sub-trusts for her half-sisters Finley and Harper Lockwood.


Riley Keough’s account of her final encounter with Lisa Marie Presley sums up to not just a daughter’s love, but a legacy of strength, resilience, and enduring love that continues to shine brightly.

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