Ride A Pedal Bike Down An Old Redwood Forest Railroad

Skunk Train / Facebook

Nestled in the Redwood Forest of Mendocino County lies an enchanting rail biking journey anybody can experience on the old Skunk Train railroad. Exploring these ancient forests with your friends, family, or that special someone will be a ride y’all will never forget.


“Riding through the Redwood Forest on these custom pedal bikes is the experience of a lifetime!” Relationship Catalog vouched.

The railbikes are custom-built, two-person pedal bikes that travel along an old abandoned railroad that was built in 1885 and used until March 2019. The railbikes are all electric-powered, making them almost completely silent so you can enjoy the sounds of nature as you journey along.

The journey is 1.5 to 2 hours, round trip, and because you don’t have to steer, you’re able to look around at the landscape as you ride. People have spotted blue herons, osprey, turtles, river otters, deer, and even a bear eating berries while riding.


You’ll start off at Fort Bragg and travel through Pudding Creek before crossing over old wooden trestle bridges. From there you’ll continue into Mendocino County where you’ll see the ancient redwoods.

You can take as many pictures as you want along the way and it’s said to be one of the most enjoyable workouts. To rent the bike costs $250 and they fit up to two people. As of now, they require that you wear face coverings and practice 6 feet distancing.

You can click here to get more details or buy tickets.