Rex Linn Hilariously Interviews Reba McEntire Backstage

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Reba McEntire & Boyfriend Rex Linn Attend CMA Fest Together

Reba McEntire and Rex Linn have been dating for a few years now. They’ve even starred in some projects together, including the third season of Big Sky and a Lifetime movie called The Hammer.


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Linn also tends to tag along when McEntire is on tour. Recently, he joined her as she made the rounds during the 2023 CMA Fest in Nashville.


The CMA shared a funny video of Linn “interviewing” McEntire before she made her way on stage. He called her by her nickname, “Tater Tot,” before he started asking her questions.

For reference, McEntire also has a nickname for Linn, and it’s “Sugar Tot.” Together, they are “The Tots.”

Linn started off his interview by saying, “You’re about to go out and talk to a lot of people. Psychologically where are you right now?

McEntire starred wide-eyed at the camera before saying, “Ready.” She also denied being nervous.

Reba McEntire & Rex Linn Have A Funny Conversation About Food On The Morning Of CMA Fest

With McEntire smiling at him, Linn blurted out his next question. “Have you eaten anything this morning?

McEntire said she had some egg whites for breakfast. Linn remarked she must be feeling healthy then, but McEntire admitted she was actually just hungry. She rattled off all of the things she’d like to eat instead, including tater tots, corn dogs, and chicken fingers.

And that’s the update from Tater Tot McEntire, signing off now…good day,” Linn said to end things.

The couple concluded their interview with a laugh. You’re sure to get a good chuckle out of the clip too once you watch it below. They’re so cute together!