Revisiting Martina McBride’s First #1 Hit, “Wild Angels”

Martina McBride / YouTube

Martina McBride’s hit single “Wild Angels” is a beautiful ode to love, loss, and the power of memories. Released in 1995, the song quickly became a chart-topping hit and remains one of the singer’s most beloved tracks to this day. In fact, it was her very first number one hit!

McBride’s daughter Delaney was a baby when she recorded this song, and her laugh can be heard in the intro to the song!


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“Wild Angels” is ultimately a song about a woman who thinks there must be “wild angels” watching over her and her love interest, keping them together.

McBride sings, “Still, we made it through, only God knows how / We must’ve had a little help / Must’ve been wild angels, wild angels / Watching over you and me, yeah / Wild angels, wild angels / Baby, what else could it be?”

The song’s message is clear: even though love can be painful, it is worth it for the memories and the joy it brings. McBride’s vocals are powerful and emotive, making the listener feel every word she sings.

“Wild Angels” is a timeless classic, resonating with audiences over two decades after its release. Its message of love and hope is universal, and its emotive lyrics and powerful vocals continue to move listeners to this day.