Reporter Finds Dog Stuck In Car Engine…After 25-Mile Ride

Inside Edition / YouTube

Sometimes, we come across stories that just tug at our heartstrings, and this one is no different. The tale of a furry little friend named BonBon, who miraculously survived a treacherous journey, will have pet owners everywhere holding their fur babies a little closer.

Kansas City Royals sports reporter, Carrie Lippert Gillaspie, was on her way to work when she heard a whimpering dog. She tried to find where the sounds were coming from and eventually discovered that the four-month-old Pomeranian Shitzu mix named BonBon was trapped inside the engine of a car.

Gillaspie recalls the moment she found BonBon in an interview vide with Insider Edition, “It stopped barking or whimpering ’cause it could hear me there…As soon as I stopped talking, it went right back to whimpering as if to say ‘Don’t leave me, I’m here.'”

Inside Edition / YouTube

BonBon had hitched a ride with one of Gillaspie’s colleagues, Ashley Newman, for 25 miles before being found. The pup was dehydrated and exhausted, but miraculously alive.

“She drank a whole bowl of water and then she just kind of fell over,” Gillaspie says.

As a pet owner, the thought of something happening to our dog or cat is unbearable. So, the fact that BonBon survived this ordeal is nothing short of a miracle. The joy and relief felt by BonBon’s owner upon being reunited with their beloved pet must have been overwhelming.

Inside Edition / YouTube

BonBon’s story is proof that miracles can happen, and that positive outcomes are always possible. We’re just happy the story had a happy ending!

Interview With Gillaspie & Video From The Incident Below