Ree Drummond’s Daughter Reveals Truck Has Been Stolen

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We’re sure you’ve heard of Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman, and her popular TV show and cookbooks. Well, her daughter Alex revealed this week that her truck had been stolen. 

That’s right, Alex Drummond had her truck stolen from in front of her father-in-law’s house in Texas over the weekend. Alex, who is just 25 years old, took to Instagram to share the news with her followers.

She explained that she had locked her truck and had the keys with her, but when her husband Mauricio Scott went to go golfing with his dad the next morning, the car was gone.


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Alex was understandably upset, but she said that the most devastating part of the theft was the loss of her Bible.

“My bible was in there, which is kind of sad — my bible that I’ve taken notes on for like 10 years, but you know what, I just keep praying that whoever took it, somehow gets some use out of the bible,” she said on her Instagram story that has since expired. “That is my prayer through all of this.”

What’s shocking is that Alex didn’t realize how common car thefts are in America, even when the car is locked and the thief doesn’t have the keys.

In fact, the National Insurance Crime Bureau said that more than 721,000 cars were stolen in 2019, and of those, nearly half of them the thief was able to start the car without the key.

Alex’s truck was stolen right off the street in front of her father-in-law’s home, which just goes to show that car theft can happen anywhere, even in quiet neighborhoods.

It’s a reminder to always be vigilant and take precautions to protect your vehicle, like putting a tracking device inside it so you can monitor your vehicle’s movements from a phone app.

While there are currently no leads on Alex’s truck, she is hoping that insurance will help pay for a new car. But the theft has left her feeling jaded and on edge about locking every door.

“Maybe it’s because of where I grew up,” she said about her upbringing on her parent’s Oklahoma ranch. “I’m always cautious, but I never assumed that someone was going to steal from me. I’ve always just been very optimistic in that realm and now I feel like I have this new like jaded view. I’m so on edge about like locking every door.”

Let’s keep Alex and her family in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. And remember, always be cautious and protect your belongings, even if you live in a safe neighborhood.

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