Red, White, & Blue Stuffed Oreos Are Here In Time For 4th Of July

In honor of the 2020 Olympic Games this summer, Oreo will launch a very patriotic pack of cookies. Oreo’s new “Team USA” cookies are stuffed with red, white, and blue layers of frosting. This limited edition Oreo emblazons each cookie with a special design supporting Team USA as well as patriotic packaging.

The limited edition Team USA cookies first came out back in 2018 in honor of the Olympic Games. Although the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo have been moved to 2021 due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Oreo decided to release the Team USA cookies anyways. They were just posted on Target’s website on June 14, 2020 and are available nationwide.

With three layers of creme, the limited edition Oreos will have about the same amount as Mega Stuf Oreos but not as much as the Most Stuf Oreo cookies.

Also hitting supermarket shelves is a limited edition tiramisu Oreo.

Check out the video below for a full-flavor review!