Reba’s Daughter-In-Law Opens Up About “Raw And Real Struggle” Of Trying To Get Pregnant

Facebook/Shelby Blackstock

Marissa Blackstock, daughter-in-law of country music icon Reba McEntire, recently shared a personal message on Instagram regarding her and her husband’s efforts to conceive a child.

Marissa Opens Up About Fertility Struggles

Marissa Blackstock, married to Reba McEntire’s only son, Shelby Blackstock, recently took to Instagram to share the “raw and real struggle” she and her husband have been experiencing while trying to conceive.

In her post, Marissa expressed the emotional toll of their journey, describing the disappointment of facing yet another negative pregnancy test and the rigorous routine of monitoring medications, caffeine intake, and dietary choices.

“Here we are, another month, another cycle with Clomid, another TWW that feels eerily like a scene from Groundhog Day,” she wrote. “It’s a cycle I’ve become all too familiar with. Each month, I pour my heart into creating a sanctuary within myself, hoping to welcome a little soul into a happy, healthy home. Yet, when faced with another BFN, the floodgates open—not just with tears, but with the harsh realization that my prayers have yet again gone unanswered.”

“To those who’ve reached out, asking about our journey, this is where we stand,” she continued. “Behind the scenes of this journey is a raw and real struggle, one that’s difficult to share but too significant to face in silence.”

Marissa’s recent Instagram post isn’t her first time being transparent about her and her husband’s fertility struggles. Last November, she also used social media to share their lengthy journey, revealing they had been trying to conceive for over a year.

Despite their hurdles, she hopes that her openness can comfort others dealing with similar issues.

“This chapter, though filled with sadness, is a mask that I’ve reluctantly learned to wear. But in sharing this, I want to acknowledge the silent battles many of us face, often unseen. You’re not alone. We’re in this together, through the highs, the lows, and every heart-wrenching moment in between.”

Read Marissa’s post below.