Reba Shares Video Of 3rd Annual Chili Cook Ft. Boyfriend Rex, Son Shelby, Terri Clark, & Others

Facebook/Terri Clark

Reba McEntire recently treated fans to a glimpse into the chaos of her 3rd annual “Hillbilly Chili Cook Off.”

Reba’s Annual Chili Competition

In a video shared on her social media, Reba, along with her boyfriend Rex, son Shelby, fellow country sensation Terri Clark, and other loved ones, showcased her culinary ability in a family cooking competition.

The video kicks off with Rex extending a warm welcome to the viewers, setting the stage for the chili showdown. Reba explains the rules, revealing that each participant must contribute a $25 fee, forming the cash prize for the ultimate chili champion. The teams draw letters to determine their order in the cook off.

The video montage pans around the room, showcasing each participant’s chili creations while the judges declare the winners. Terri Clark proved to not only be a country music legend, but also a chef in the kitchen, winning second place. Surprisingly, Reba found herself at the very bottom of the rankings, earning a hilarious trophy featuring a chili pepper inside a toilet, engraved with “Your Chili Took a Sh**.” Humorously embracing her defeat, Reba shared in the video’s caption, “Guess I’m trying a new recipe next year…”

Taking Her Loss Like a Champ

Days after, Reba was reminded of her loss during an interview on CBS Mornings. She told the host that she must have overlooked essential spices, recalling her excitement for a Texas-inspired recipe that ultimately fell short. She mentioned that Rex, who served as one of the judges, shared the unfortunate news, playfully stating, “Well, it’s not you,” when Reba asked him who won.

While it seems that Reba isn’t destined to be the next Top Chef, her status as a country music icon remains untouchable. Whether she’s tasting defeat in chili cook-offs or gearing up to wow the crowd with her rendition of the national anthem at the Super Bowl, Reba proves time and again that win or lose, she’s always a superstar.

Watch the behind-the-scenes of Reba’s 3rd Annual Chili Cook Off below.