Reba Releases Heart-Wrenching New Song, “In His Mind”

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Our favorite red-head beauty is back in the studio and she’s gettin’ real country y’all!

Reba‘s new album, Stronger Than The Truth will unveil her countryside fans have been waiting for. While the album hasn’t been released yet, she is giving us a few songs to fall in love with in the meantime.

Back To Her Roots

Stronger Than The Truth is Reba’s 29th studio album – set to release April 5, 2019. The singer admitted that this will be “the most country record I’ve done in a long time.” While waiting for the spring arrival, Reba has been giving fans a glimpse into what they can expect from her newest project.

Her first released song, “Stronger Than The Truth” told the story of heartbreak and pain – while her second song switched gears entirely. “No U In Oklahoma” brought a whole new level of sass and twang to the tracklist. The song showcases Reba’s deep country roots with a more traditional sound.

A Breathtaking Ballad

Now, Reba is back at it again with another new song! Released on Feb 28. the icon takes us on a different path. “In His Mind” tells the story of a man who is having trouble moving on.

“In his mind, she’ll be home anytime now. He can’t see her leavin’ him behind. In his mind, she’ll find her way back somehow. Some things never change. She’s never far away, in his mind.”

The slow ballad will have you reaching for the nearest box of tissues.

Reba even posted a behind the scenes video of her making this heartbreak hit.

You can listen to “In His Mind” below and download it here.