Reba McEntire & Boyfriend Rex Linn Visit Yellowstone

Reba / Instagram

Reba McEntire recently took to social media to share a picture of herself and her boyfriend, Rex Linn, standing amidst the breathtaking beauty of Yellowstone National Park.

The photo captured a stunning waterfall backdrop, serving as a picturesque setting for their grand adventure. But this post wasn’t just about the scenery.

With Father’s Day being the day she dropped the post, Reba dedicated her caption to all the fathers out there while providing them a glimpse into her and Rex’s visit to the “Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.” However, behind this seemingly innocent tribute lies a tale of friendship turned romance.

Reba and Rex pose for a photo at Yellowstone National Park.
Reba / Instagram

Reba McEntire And Rex Linn’s Relationship

Reba and Rex’s journey towards love is a testament to the age-old adage that building a friendship before diving into romance can pave the way for everlasting bonds. For over three years, this duo has defied the odds, proving that their connection is unbreakable.

Let’s rewind the clock and uncover the fascinating backstory. In an interview with PEOPLE magazine, Reba shed light on their relationship. As fate would have it, their paths crossed in the ’90s while working on the film “The Gambler Returns” alongside Kenny Rogers. However, it wasn’t until their reunion on the set of the popular TV show “Young Sheldon” in January 2020 that sparks began to fly.

Reba reminisced about their first date, which was shrouded in laughter and disguised as a casual get-together. Little did they know that this laughter-filled rendezvous would ignite a flame that burned brightly despite the challenges that lay ahead.


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Unfortunately, the pandemic of 2020 put some restrictions on their budding relationship. With Reba in Oklahoma and Rex in Los Angeles, they had no choice but to adapt. Zoom calls and FaceTime became their lifelines.

Reba fondly recalls the creative ways they found to stay connected. These virtual encounters gave them an opportunity to truly get to know each other.

Now, Reba declares Rex as “the love of my life.” Their remarkable journey has taught her valuable lessons about love and communication, emphasizing the significance of the little things. She admires couples who attentively listen to each other’s stories, no matter how many times they’ve been told, and she has incorporated this wisdom into her own relationship.

But their love story doesn’t stop there. Reba and Rex’s connection extends beyond reality as they portray a married couple on the hit ABC series, “Big Sky.” Their real-life chemistry seamlessly translates onto the screen, reflecting the genuine affection they share.

Reba, known endearingly as “Tater Tot” by Rex, reveals the dedication they bring to their craft. They rehearse diligently to ensure that their performances are nothing short of exceptional, valuing the professionalism they bring to the set.

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As fans eagerly await further glimpses into their love story, Reba and Rex’s visit to Yellowstone symbolizes the beauty of a relationship grounded in friendship.

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