Reba & Gwen Compete For Country Girl’s Attention On “The Voice”

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Voice Coaches “Blown Away” By Singer’s Carrie Underwood Cover

24-year-old singer-songwriter Kristen Brown auditioned for Season 24 of The Voice with a powerhouse cover of a Carrie Underwood song. She performed her Grammy-winning track “Blown Away.”

Brown’s performance instantly captivated coach Gwen Stefani, who quickly turned her chair. New coach and country “Queen” Reba McEntire followed soon after.

Once the performance ended, Brown was left with a difficult choice to make. Would she go pure country and join Team Reba? Or would she decide to go for the upset and pick Team Gwen?

Reba McEntire Compliments Kristen Brown’s Voice Performance

McEntire started off speaking first. She heaped a lot of praise on Brown, telling her, “You did [the song] justice. I was very taken with your performance.”

Though McEntire also noted there were a few “pitchy” moments during Brown’s audition. Yet her stage presence stood out more than anything else. “Your enthusiasm was wonderful,” she said.

Reba McEntire on The Voice
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Gwen Stefani Aims To Claim A Country Artist For Her Team

Stefani spoke up next. She knew it would be hard to secure a country artist for her team while McEntire was her competition.

“This is really difficult, because Reba is the queen,” she said. “So it’s hard to fight against her, but I’m gonna fight her right now.” 

Stefani tried to leverage her experience in country music. She made certain to mention her two #1 country duets with her husband, Blake Shelton. Though she noted how ridiculous that sounded in comparsion to McEntire’s many accomplishments.

“…everything I try to pitch she has done it as well, but ten times more,” she said.

Stefani continued by complimenting Brown’s “interesting tone.” She even referred to her as a “diamond in the rough.”

Who Did Kristen Brown Choose As Her Coach On The Voice?

After a lot of thought, Brown made her big decision. It came as a huge shock when she declared she wanted Stefani to be her coach!


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McEntire made it clear she’s not giving up on Brown just yet. She rushed onstage to give her a hug and said, “I’m gonna steal ya though,” before turning to Stefani and saying, “so you better behave.”

Looks like Brown may find a home on Team Reba after all if she’s ever available to steal!

Head below to watch Brown’s Voice audition and see why McEntire and Stefani were “Blown Away” by her performance.