Reba Gets Introduced To Her “Voice” Chair For The First Time

Reba McEntire/Instagram

Reba McEntire, the newest member of NBC’s The Voice, has officially been introduced to her iconic red chair.

While season 24 will be Reba’s first time in the coach’s chair, this isn’t her first rodeo when it comes to The Voice. In fact, the fiery red-head has been here from the beginning where she served as Battle Advisor for Team Blake in the very first season. She most recently appeared in Season 23 as a Mega Mentor, and will finally be appearing in the upcoming season as a coach. McEntire’s heavy involvement in the popular NBC show makes her the perfect replacement for Blake Shelton.

“The country lane — I’m taking over for Blake so I’m gonna represent country music. [He’s got] big boots. I don’t know what size those boots are, but they’re big, so I’m gonna really work hard to make him proud,” Reba said of Blake.


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One of the most exciting aspects of The Voice has to do with the iconic red chair.

The red chair is arguably what sets The Voice apart from other similar shows. Reba will be joining a panel of three other judges who will be faced with the difficult decision of building their own team based solely on the contestants’ voices.

The first round of the competition, the Blind Auditions, is where judges hear the contestants, but they can’t see them. If the judge is impressed by the contestant’s voice, they push a button on the red chair and the chair spins around to reveal the singer. If only one judge turns around for a contestant, that contestant is automatically put on that judge’s team. If multiple judges turn around, the contestant gets to choose which coach’s team they would like to join. If none of the judges hit their button, the contestant is eliminated.

Reba has officially been introduced to her chair.

A video was posted on Instagram revealing the adorable moment Reba got to see her chair for the first time. “It’s so big,” the “Fancy” singer says as she walks up to the red chair. “Y’all aim to please here,” she says as different features are pointed out including drink holders, built-in speakers, and heat.

Reba said in a recent interview on The Jennifer Hudson Show, “It’s so much fun to be back on The Voice again. It’s always a lot of fun to give advice because I study people when they perform, and I want to be touched when they’re singing to me.”

Is there anyone more perfect to be a coach than Reba? We don’t think so!

Watch the video below to see Reba’s reaction to her chair.