Reba Eliminates Two Fan Favorites During ‘The Voice’ Playoffs


In the last round of The Voice Playoffs, Reba McEntire had to make some tough decisions, sending two talented contestants home and finalizing her team for the Live Shows.

As Season 25 of The Voice heated up during Monday night’s (April 29) episode, Reba and Chance the Rapper’s artists battled it out for the much-desired spots in the next phase of the competition. John Legend and Dan + Shay had it easy this time around, having already finalized their Playoff decisions, however, Chance and Reba faced the challenge of reducing their teams from five contestants to just three.

In the Playoffs, coaches are limited to advancing only three artists to the “Live Shows,” with no option for steals. To assist her team during this crucial stage, Reba enlisted the expertise of actor and singer Anthony Ramos, who served as the mentor for Team Reba.

“Tonight’s the big decision,” McEntire said. “I gotta send some folks home, and I’m not liking it.”

Ultimately, Reba’s picks for the final phase of the contest were Asher HaVon, Josh Sanders, and L. Rodgers.

Unfortunately, the journey came to an end for contestants Justin and Jeremy Garcia, the only duo of Season 25, after an emotional performance of “Castle on the Hill” by Ed Sheeran.

“You took the notes that Anthony and I gave you the other day in rehearsals, tonight 60 times better,” Reba told the duo after their Playoff performance. “I love you guys singing separately, so when you come together and sing harmony, it makes it so much richer. And because you’re brothers, it tore me up when you looked at each other and said, ‘my brother.’ As I like to say, you are cute as a button, and I am so glad you’re on my team.”

Jackie Romeo also faced elimination following her performance of Brandi Carlile’s “The Story” during the intense round of competition.

“You sing like an angel and those lower parts… I think you handled them great,” Reba praised. “I am a proud little mama right now. Thank you for that. I think Jackie made a great case for herself. She sang her butt off.”

Watch Reba make the tough decision of sending two worthy contestants home in the video below.