Reba Addresses Release Of Dramatic New Trailer For “Big Sky”

ABC / YouTube

Reba McEntire and her boyfriend Rex Linn are starring in the upcoming third season of the ABC drama series Big Sky. They’re playing a married couple named Sunny and Buck Barnes, who run a successful backcountry outfitter named Sunny Day Excursions.

Previous teasers and promotional material seemed to paint Sunny and Buck as the antagonists of the season. They were made to look even more suspicious in a new, full-length trailer released on Wednesday (August 31).

The trailer shows Sunny and Buck welcoming a new group getting ready to go on an excursion. One of the backpackers goes missing, prompting an investigation led by new Sheriff Beau Arlen (played by Jensen Ackles).

It seems that Sunny and Buck are up to no good, and they may be behind the backpacker’s mysterious disappearance.

McEntire addressed the release of the new trailer on her official social media pages. She shared the clip with her followers, and said “Some trails are not meant to be followed. Are you ready?”

Of course McEntire’s fans are more than ready to see the new season of Big Sky! Mark your calendars for September 21, because that’s when it debuts.

Have y’all ever watched Big Sky before? Or will you be a new viewer thanks to McEntire and Linn’s roles on the show?