Rare: Coyote Walking With Bear Caught On Video

ViralHog / YouTube

Michael Kacos shared a fascinating video with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission showing a wild black bear and a coyote walking together through the forest.

ViralHog / YouTube

The trail cam footage starts off showing the bear walking into the picture first and right on its heels is a coyote. It’s as if they know each other and have become good friends.

Experts believe it could simply be the coyote following the bear because it’s looking for food. The bear clearly doesn’t seem to take the coyote as a threat so, like best buds, they meander down the trail in peace.

ViralHog / YouTube

The footage was captured in Naples, Florida and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says that it’s not uncommon to see a black bear or other wildlife in Florida.

However, it is certainly rare to see two species cohabitating in nature together like you see in the video.

“The coyote could have been following the bear as it searched for food. Black bears are known for their powerful sense of smell to help them find food, which is why bear-proof trashcans are a must in Florida. The other possibility, according to FWC, is it was just happenstance,” Click Orlando said.

Check out the footage below from the trail cam.