Randy Travis’ ‘Forever And Ever, Amen’ Gets Turned Into Line Dance

Lykkegitte / YouTube

Line Dancing’s Longstanding Country Connection

Line dancing and country music go hand in hand. Some country artists even have line dances choreographed to their songs, with Alan Jackson‘s “Good Time” being a notable example.

Lykkegitte / YouTube

In Jackson’s case, his “Good Time” line dance was choreographed for the song’s music video. But anyone can invent their own moves to almost any country tune in existence. That’s the fun thing about line dancing!

Another thing that makes line dancing so much fun is how easy it is to learn. Like any dance, there are varying degrees of difficulty, but there are no shortage of beginner’s dances out there.

Want To Try A Randy Travis Line Dance?

One boot-stompin’ beginner’s line dance is set to the tune of Randy Travis‘ “Forever And Ever, Amen.” The tune lends itself well to the line dance treatment, since it’s upbeat but still not too fast for beginners to keep up with.

This particular line dance was choreographed by Benny Ray. After Ray got all of the moves planned out, a talented group of ladies got together to film a video of the dance.

The dance features a fun series of scuffs, turns, and diagonal movements. All of the steps repeat, which makes them easy to pick up on. Before long, you’ll be kickin’ up your heels and having a grand ole time!

Let Us Know If You Give It A Try

So what are you waiting for? Strap on your boots and tune in to the video below so you can learn the line dance to “Forever and Ever, Amen.” Once you do, you can impress all of your friends with your new moves!

We’d love to hear from you if you give this line dance a try. Did you think it was easy or challenging? Regardless, we’re sure you’ll have a fun time with it!

Are there any other Randy Travis songs you think would work well for a line dance? Fill us in on your thoughts. 

In the meantime, you can also enjoy learning the line dance to Alan Jackson’s “Good Time” by checking out the instructional video below. It’s the exact same dance they do in the music video!