“Racing Wives” Loaded With Drama, Glamour, And Filthy Rich Women




One of the lesser-known sides to the world of NASCAR are the lives of the women behind these famous drivers…but that’s all about to change.

Starting on January 3rd, 2019, CMT is unleashing its original television show that dives deep into the glamorous and otherworldly lives of these “Racing Wives.” There is luxury beyond imagination…but things aren’t always as they appear.


They’re Filthy Rich…

With their husbands worth $50 million plus, the extravagance of their lives never stops – and they keep raking in the cash with almost all of them running side projects and shops that bring them even more publicity and sponsorships.

Starring Samantha and Ashley Busch (wives of champion brothers Kyle and Kurt Busch), the show also brings into the fold NASCAR’s female up-and-coming driver Amber Balcean, Whitney Dillon (wife of Daytona 500 champ Austin Dillon), and Monster Energy Girl Mariel Lane (who is engaged to driver Paul Swan.)

The Danger Is Real

While each of them is familiar with racing and how the sport works, they are all living a life dangerously close to peril – and one of them is even a competing driver!

“Being the wife of a driver is awesome,” Samantha Busch said in this new clip. “But at the end of the day, I’m giving my husband a kiss and sending him in a race car that’s going 200 miles an hour. You don’t know what’s going to happen.”

This brand new preview of this highly-anticipated new show features clips of the ups, downs, and jaw-dropping glamour each of these women face in everyday life trying to get to the top.

…Then The Claws Come Out

“I don’t know why it’s so hard for all of us to get along,” Mariel, one of the Monster Energy Models, says in one scene.

As goes with any true reality television show, it wouldn’t be complete without a searing amount of drama and this two-minute clip really details the catty bits that all of these women get into – especially those girls who are fighting to be part of the “wives club.”

Don’t miss every second of this tell-all clip from CMT below and let us know if you’ll be watching the show when it debuts in January.