Pugs Watch Border Collies Herd Cows & Now They Do It Too

Sara Jean Wedel / Facebook

Sara Jean Wedel from Seneca, Oregon posted a video to Facebook on October 7th, 2020 showing her pet pugs herding dozens of cows on the Silvies Valley Ranch.

Sara Jean Wedel / Facebook

Sara lives deep in the country with her husband, Jeff Wedel, and their two pugs, Tuff and Paisley. Tuff is the baby of the family and is one year old and Paisley plays the role of an older brother to Tuff and he is three years old.

Can you guess what their favorite thing to do is? – They love to herd the cows!

‘It started when I felt bad for leaving Paisley inside all day while we were out working, so I started taking her along on short days and discovered she was mimicking the Border Collies,” Daily Mail reported Sara saying.


“I started teaching her basic commands for cow dogs and she picked up on it and loved it. She got to the point where she would get depressed if we left her behind at the house. Then when we got Tuff, it was the same scenario,” Sara said.

In the video, you can see that both the pugs are very good a herding cows. They run on one side until have got them going in the right direction and then they switch to the other side to make sure the cows are lined up correctly over there.

Video Below Of Pugs Herding Dozen Of Cows