‘Property Bro’ Suffering From Debilitating Illness, Doctors Don’t Knows What It Is

JD Scott / Instagram

Just like the Hemworths, there is a third “Property Brother,” and the Internet has gone wild for him.

Twins Jonathan and Drew Scott have made a name for themselves on several HGTV shows, and chances are you’ve seen their older sibling, JD. When the Internet realized JD was actually their older brother, there was a frenzy!

Check out Jonathan and Drew talk about it with Entertainment Tonight in the video below.

JD made headlines back then, and he’s also making them again now. On Thursday (July 11), he posted a 26 minute video on IGTV explaining the health complications he’s faced over the last 14 months.

He appeared in the video with his fiancé Annalee Belle and they told his thousands of followers about his symptoms, which include extreme sensitivity to weather over 70 degrees, needing to stay in bed for days to the point where he thought he was going to die, and a “crawly feeling” in his head.

At first, neurologists said he could have a rare condition called nummular headache. He was prescribed medicine, which helped the headaches, but not the heat sensitivity.

“What [doctors] thought it was, was an autoimmune disease,” Scott said in the video. But after “months and months” went by, along with several MRIs, his doctors told him he might have two brain aneurysms. Another appointment with his neurologist, and they said “a new pathway [could] had formed” in his brain and was assured the condition was not life threatening.

Scott admits that everyday activities have become extremely difficult for him.

“Walking too much would bring on the symptoms. Heat would bring on the symptoms,” he revealed. “I was very limited in what I could do. But as long as I was within an area that I could control, I could actually do things.”

Functional Physician Dr. Scott Jacobson suggested he eliminate wheat, dairy, soy, gluten and sugar, which in just one week, he is already feeling a bit better.

Although he is starting to feel better, he is still searching for answers and is hopeful his mystery illness will be cured soon.

“I was pretty sure I was dying,” Scott said. “Some really good people have checked in a lot and helped out.”

Those people include his brothers.

Watch the full video below.