Professional Bull Rider JB Mauney Buys Bull That Broke His Neck

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Following his forced retirement at the age of 36 due to a broken neck sustained during a bull riding competition, professional bull rider JB Mauney made a surprising decision, revealing that he purchased the very bull responsible for his injury.

Considered one of the best bull riders in history, JB Mauney recently announced his retirement following a neck injury in September 2023. The injury occurred during a PRCA ProRodeo event in Lewiston, Idaho, when Mauney was thrown from a bull.

Mauney underwent surgery to address his broken neck, which included the insertion of rods, plates, and screws, along with the removal of a disc. While the surgery was successful, unfortunately, the injury was the end of his career in bull riding.

Throughout his career, Mauney secured two World championships in 2013 and 2015, proving himself as one of the top bull riders in the sport. Additionally, he holds the record for the most televised wins in the Professional Bull Riders League (PBR), a feat he shares with Justin McBride.

JB Mauney Says That He Bought And Is Raising The Bull That Broke His Neck

In an interview with News Nation, Mauney revealed that he made the surprising decision to purchase and now raise the bull that caused his career-ending injury. He explained that he, along with his wife and son, now cares for the bull on their ranch. Despite the decision seeming crazy to most, Mauney shared a personal reason behind his choice.

“There’s not too many people saying they have the last bull they ever got on,” he explained. Mauney went on to describe the bull as “dog gentle,” emphasizing that it has become like a pet to him.

JB Mauney’s Next Chapter

Since retiring from bull riding in September, J.B. Mauney has been tending to the bulls on his ranch, contemplating his next steps. Recently, Mauney has made a significant career decision, with Sports Illustrated reporting that he has been named the head coach of the Oklahoma Wildcatters, the newest team in the PBR. Alongside Mauney, Brandon Bates will take on the role of general manager.


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Watch JB Mauney talk about why he decided to purchase the bull that broke his neck in the video below.