Police Search For Teen After Threatening To Spread COVID-19 At Texas Walmart

Carrollton TX Police / Twitter

Lorraine Maradiaga, an 18-year-old girl from Carrollton, Texas who allegedly tested positive for COVID-19 posted a video on social media making terroristic threats to the citizens of Texas. 


The video showed her speaking to a nurse who told her she tested positive for COVID-19 and instructed her to go home and stay there. The nurse also told her to she’d have to report that she’s positive to the CDC and police department.

“This [is] what I get for taking it [the test] as a joke,” she wrote on Snapchat, according to CW.

The reason why the Carrollton police are looking for her now is because she apparently went to Walmart right after that and recorded herself walking around saying, “I’m here in Walmart about to infest everybody, because if I’m going down then all you are going down.”

She then went on to say that if someone wanted to get the coronavirus to just call her because she will meet up with you and “shorten your life.” Her followers recorded her video and shared it with others and it eventually got into the hands of the authorities. Carrollton TX Police released a statement on Twitter saying she will be charged with terroristic threats and asked people to help locate her.kk

Whether she’s just joking or telling the truth, the police are taking her videos seriously. According¬†to the Texas penal code 22.7, a person can be charged with a terroristic threat if that person threatens to commit any offense involving violence to any person or the intent to place the public in fear of serious bodily injury.

This is a developing story and the police still have not found her yet. They are asking that anyone with information on where she might be to call 972-466-3333 or email crimetips@cityofcarrollton.com. You can watch her videos below.

Video Showing What She Posted On Social Media