Police Officers Save Trucker From Fiery Rig Seconds Before Explosion

New Jersey State Police / Facebook

State trooper Robert Tarleton had his chest camera recording a vehicle stop on Interstate 289 in Bridgewater Township, New Jersey when an 18-wheeler truck drove past them and crashed into a guard rail.

Realizing that he had bigger priorities, Robert quickly gave the man his license and registration back and told him to “get out of here.” He ran back to his police cruiser and immediately grabbed his radio to report what just happened while he drove over to the crashed truck.

As he pulled up to park he noticed flames on the truck so he called in to tell headquarters that fire and emergency medical services personnel needed to come to the scene. The officer then got out and runs over to the driver’s side door where another start trooper was arriving at the same time to check on the truck driver.

New Jersey State Police / Facebook

Both troopers found the man dazed and screamed at him to “get out of the truck” as they pulled him out and dragged him to the other side of the road. While they were doing this the truck exploded making a loud bang, becoming fully engulfed in flames.

The man was laying on the road and Robert said, “The fuel tanks going, we got to get back,” so they both picked the truck driver up and move him to a safer place. KSL reported that the man only received minor injuries and the crash is still under investigation.

Watch Police Officers Save Trucker From Burning Rig