Pet Owner Breaks Down To His Knees & Cries Reuniting With Dog

SWNS / YouTube

68-year-old Roger Jacobs broke down to his knees and cried after he lost his dog Salty for a whole week and finally reunited with her again in a snowy field.

Roger, who lives in Shepherd, Montana said the whole ordeal started when his beloved pet escaped an unlatched gate on December 22 to run off into the woods and chase what he believes was a deer.

SWNS / YouTube

“It made the Christmas holiday a little less bright,” his daughter, Becky Anderson, a basketball coach, said. “We spent day and night driving around looking for her, tried tracking her footprints in the snow. We initially believed she was chasing deer and then disappeared. As my dad would describe it, ‘he was gut shot.'”

He, his family, and friends called, whistled, posted online, and searched for the dog for nearly seven days and had all about giving up hope they would find her until they got a call from a friend who believed they had spotted her.

Their friend Bill Lepley told Becky over the phone that he spotted a dog by a river in Huntley, Montana that could have been her. Becky piled herself and her two children into her car to drive out and see if it was true.

“I tried my best not to get my hopes up especially knowing Salty had been gone for a week in below zero temperatures,” Becky said of the call. “When we pulled up, we all three barrelled out of the car jumping up and down,” she said. “With one look, we knew it was her.”

Bill put Salty in his vehicle and drove her back to her home to meet Roger. When they got to the family’s property line, he let her out of the vehicle into a snowy field to reunite with her owner who was walking towards her on the other side of the field.