Pet Dog Pictured In Viral Speeding Ticket

Don Kylian / Twitter

Don Kylian was at his home in Germany at home when he got a letter in the mail with a €50 speeding ticket inside and a picture of his small white pooch sitting in the driver’s seat with his paws on the wheel.

The bizarre situation left the pet owner laughing out loud and he later shared the funny photo on social media showing the moment a traffic camera captured the picture of the dog speeding past.

According to Don, he was not driving the car at the time the photo was taken and it was actually his uncle who was driving.

His uncle said he forgot to buckle the dog into its specialized seat belt that normally keeps it in the passenger’s seat and the dog jumped into his lap right before the photo was taken.

Don’s uncle said that the pup was only on his lap for a total of three seconds before he placed him back in the passenger’s seat.

However, three seconds is all it took for the traffic camera to take the perfect photo of the dog staring blissfully at the road ahead, appearing to be driving the car.

“My first reaction was, ‘That can’t be real.’ I think my uncle was just as surprised.” Don told to The Dodo. “Normally, the dog wears a special car belt for the safety. That day, my uncle forgot to put it on him, and the dog came to cuddle him [as he was driving]. The funny part is, he was in his lap for just three seconds.”

After posting the photo to social media it has received many responses from people who had their own thoughts about the funny photo.

One person joked, “How is the dog supposed to fork out 50 Euros?!”

Another wrote, “That belongs in a museum.”

A third chimed in, “Bro screen print that on t-shirts and sell them.”

A fourth said, “It would be interesting to know where the photo was taken. In Austria the owner of the vehicle pays, in Germany the driver.”

With that said, Don’s uncle ultimately ended up having to pay the speeding ticket fine, not the adorable white fur baby.

“He paid it,” Don said. “But I can’t tell you what the authorities thought.”

See Don’s Original Twitter Photo Of The Dog Below