Personalized Beer Cans Now Available For Your Next Event

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Get ready to impress all your friends and family with this first-of-its-kind beverage where you can put your own face, your business brand, or whatever you want on the side of a can and celebrate any special event.

The compnay doing this is called Eliqs, and their co-founder Max Berg said to Marketing Brew, “How can we brand pretty much every product out there but can’t custom design your own beer?”

Well…now we can!


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Founded in 2019, Eliqs, is a custom-labeled beverage company with the objective to personalize cans of beer and other drinks that are incredibly delicious.

The co-founder said not only will you love drinking them, but he’s confident you’ll want to recommend them to your friends and family too.

Max Berg said, “If someone tries our beverages and it tastes like shit, they’re not going to buy from us again and they’re not going to recommend us to other people.

Here’s the list of beverages Eliqs offer are: 

  • IPA
  • Lager
  • Blonde Ale
  • Rose Wine
  • White Wine
  • Purified Water
  • Sparkling Water
  • Citrus Sparkling Water
  • Mango Hard Seltzer
  • Black Cheery Hard Seltzer
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There are two options customers can take when it comes to ordering these customized beverages.

They can order a customize a 12-pack using one of the company’s Instagram-friendly templates where you can add text and photos to personalize it, which cost around $50.

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Or, customers can go with the larger quantity route and do a fully customized design that involves answering a questionnaire, choosing a beverage type, and writing down a few notes they want the designer to adhere to. Ordering this option, customers can get 36-500 cans delivered with a price starting at around $2.15 per can (including a $95 design fee).

Eliqs is licensed as a brewery and a winery, but the drinks come from 11 different other breweries or wineries all coming from California and are bought wholesale.


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In the beginning, Eliqs was solely focused on creating drinks for larger gatherings, like weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, event planners, and things of this nature.

However, they have shifted their business model to offer smaller quantities so the everyday person can enjoy their customized drinks.

Now, birthday parties can be taken to a whole new epic level.


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The company started off as a graduate business school thesis at UCLA and then was able to raise more than $5.7 million to get the Eliqs off the ground and running.

Fast forward three years later, the company has the foundation built and is now running ads to acquire and keep customers.

One customer they acquired back in May 2022 was the art collective MSCHF who asked Eliqs to make a “holy water-infused” hard seltzer, which they successfully did and the customer loved.

Another customer back in 2020 bought two Hocus Pocus canned wines for resale and the sales they made on those cans went to the New York Restoration Project.


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Eliqs has an Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter account, as well as a YouTube channel.

Though, if you want to see the drinks in detail, get to know more about the company, or maybe even order some beverages for yourself, you can click here to go directly to their website.