People Are Buying Buckets Of Fried Chicken-Lookalike Ice Cream

Tianna S Monroe / Facebook

Tianna S Monroe from the Bronx, New York shared a photo on Facebook of a delicious fried-chicken-looking dessert in that went viral with over 60k shares in less than 24 hours.

The tasty treat is not a real chicken drumstick or any sort of fried chicken for that matter. It’s actually waffle-flavored ice cream with a chocolate-covered cookie piece in the middle as “the bone” and caramelized white chocolate covering the outside with crushed cornflakes on top.

All that mouthwatering goodness combined together creates the perfect drumstick-looking icecream dessert that’ll turn any frown upside down. Now if you were thinking this was a new treat on the market it is not. It was introduced back in 2018 by a pastry chef and has been available in local and online stores ever since.

The snack can be bought at the Gold Belly online store and shipped to you for $99 for a 9-piece bucket and $149 for a 20-piece bucket. However, if you’re in Charleston, South Carolina you can purchase one for $5, six for $25, or 20 for $75 at Life Raft Treat and pick it up locally.

“Whether you’re hosting a party, going to a party or having a party of one in your pjs in front of the tv, our Not Fried Chicken is THE formula for crispy, crunchy handheld fun!” Life Raft Treats wrote on their website.

If you want to get the ice cream snack at the cheapest price and have a fun experience then you can purchase the ingredients yourself and watch Emmy Made on YouTube. She will walk you through on how to make your own bucket.

Click on the video below to watch how it’s done!