Parents Tell Kids They Ate All Their Halloween Candy

Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

Since 2010, Jimmy Kimmel has encouraged his viewers to give their children empty trick-or-treat buckets the morning after Halloween and tell them that they ate the candy, film it, and submit it to him. Crying, screaming, and tantrums ensue all for our entertainment, but it seems like people can’t get enough of this prank.

This year, due to COVID and many places not really “allowing” trick-or-treating, Kimmel didn’t ask his viewers to submit videos. They did anyway!

The YouTube description of the video says, “Because of COVID, we decided not to do our annual #YouTubeChallenge where we invite parents to pretend they ate all their kids Halloween candy. We thought maybe the kids needed a break this year. But guess what? Hundreds of parents did it anyway! They went ahead and shot it and posted it and so we are proud to present our 2020 edition of “Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy.”

Like always, the reactions were hilarious. Tears were shed, insults were thrown around, dads were told by their kids to move out, and so much more.

One little boy told his mom, “I want Joe Biden to kick [Jimmy Kimmel] in the face!”

Another kid was on to his parents and didn’t believe them, knowing they try and pull this on him every year, while a pair of sisters called their mom out for lying to them!

Watch the 2020 version of the prank below.