Oliver Anthony Sits Down With Joe Rogan For 2.5 Hour Podcast

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Just three weeks after finding viral fame, singer Oliver Anthony sat down with podcaster Joe Rogan for a two-and-a-half-hour podcast interview.

Oliver’s Viral Rise To Success

Oliver Anthony (real name: Christopher Anthony Lunsford) went viral after radiowv shared a video of him singing his polarizing original song, “Rich Men North Of Richmond.” To date, the YouTube video alone has over 49 million views. It has many more views elsewhere, including X (formerly Twitter and multiple Instagram accounts who have reposted his video).

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In the days following, he uploaded “Rich Men” as well as several other songs onto streaming services, and he immediately began taking over the charts.


Oliver Showed Up At The Comedy Mothership

On Tuesday (August 29), Comedian, host, and podcaster Joe Rogan shared a video on his social media pages of friend and comedian Tom Segura introducing a surprise guest after his set that night. As he was getting a standing ovation for his comedy set, Segura told the audience, “Guess what? I have a special treat for you. This doesn’t always happen but this does happen when you come to really cool places like the Comedy Mothership.”

Joe Rogan opened The Comedy Mothership in Austin, Texas when he relocated there from Los Angeles during the pandemic.

Segura continued, “I’m going to bring on stage, right now, this is so f*cking cool, this young man has exploded in popularity and we’ve all been blown away by this guy’s talent and we’re so lucky that we get to see it here live tonight. The very, amazingly talented Oliver Anthony everybody, let him hear it!” 

The crowd was in shock was Oliver walked out on stage holding his guitar. The video cuts off before he starts performing, because the venue has a strict no cell phone policy, but not before Oliver received loud cheers from the crowd.


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Oliver Went On The Joe Rogan Experience

Since he was in Austin, Texas already, fans speculated that he had already sat down with Joe Rogan for his extremely popular podcast…and they were right! Oliver himself confirmed he was a guest in an Instagram post, writing, “You know what that means. Lol”

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Rogan also promoted the episode, which is exclusive to Spotify, on his Instagram page.


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Watch Oliver Anthony On The Joe Rogan Experience Below.