Oliver Anthony Shares “Rich Men North Of Richmond” Moment That Cracked Him Up

Oliver Anthony Music/radiowv/YouTube

With just over a year until the next presidential election, politicians from all sides are attempting to latch themselves to anything that could get their party further in the race…including the biggest song of the year, “Rich Men North of Richmond.”

Oliver Anthony arguably became the biggest viral star in modern history with the release of his blue-collar anthem, “Rich Men North of Richmond.” Upon the song’s release it immediately shot to the top of the iTunes country charts along with subsequent releases from the singer. At one point, six of the top 10 songs on the iTune all-genre Top 100 Songs chart belonged to Oliver Anthony.

The week following the “Rich Men North of Richmond” release, Oliver Anthony became the first artist in history to debut a song atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart with no previous chart history.

During the first Republican debate of the election season, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was asked, “Why is this song striking such a nerve in this country right now?”

DeSantis called out the current administration, saying: “Our country is in decline. This decline is not inevitable, it’s a choice. We need to send Joe Biden back to his basement and reverse American decline.”


But, Oliver Anthony wasn’t having it. In a video posted to YouTube, the singer addressed the fact that his song was a topic of conversation at the debate. He made it clear that his song wasn’t targeting democrats…it was a pointed message to all politicians.

“It’s aggravating seeing people on conservative news try to identify with me like I’m one of them,” Oliver said. “It’s aggravating seeing certain musicians and politicians act like we’re buddies and act like we’re fighting the same struggle, like we’re trying to present the same message.”

He added that he had talked to “hundreds of people” since his song went viral and many of them just want to ride the success of the song and make themselves relevant.

“It was funny seeing my song at the presidential debate. Because…I wrote that song about those people,” the singer laughed. “So for them to have to sit there and listen to that, that cracks me up. But, it was funny seeing the response to it. That song has nothing to do with Joe Biden, you know? It’s a lot bigger than Joe Biden. That song’s written about the people on that stage, and a lot more, too. Not just them, but definitely them.”

In a separate post made to Twitter that same day, Oliver Anthony made it clear where he stands politically. He stated:

“I. Don’t. Support. Either. Side. Politically. Not the left, not the right. Im about supporting people and restoring local communities. Now, go breath some fresh air and relax. Please? 🙂 I’m not worth obsessing over, I promise. Go spend time with your loved ones.”

Hear “Rich Men North of Richmond,” the song that made Oliver Anthony a viral success, in the video below.