Oliver Anthony Follows Up On Viral Success With Another Song, “I Want To Go Home”

Oliver Anthony performs

Oliver Anthony Music / YouTube

Oliver Anthony Drops Another Performance Video After Hitting #1 On The Billboard Hot 100 Chart With “Rich Men North Of Richmond”

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind for Oliver Anthony. On August 8, the YouTube channel radiowv uploaded a video of Anthony singing his original song, “Rich Men North of Richmond.” His performance struck a chord with people around the world, and the video went viral.

In addition, “Rich Men North of Richmond” claimed the #1 spot on the iTunes chart. Several of Anthony’s other songs placed in the Top 10.

Oliver Anthony lands 5 songs on the all-genre iTunes Top Songs Top 10.

“Rich Men North of Richmond” went on to claim the #1 spot on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart and the #1 spot on the all-genre Billboard Hot 100. Anthony made history as the first artist to ever debut at #1 on the Hot 100 without any prior chart history of any kind.


Anthony’s Manager Knew His Music Was Special

Anthony’s co-manager, Draven Riffe, co-launched the radiowv YouTube channel in 2018. He met Anthony within the past month, and worked with him to film some content for the channel.

Riffe spoke with Billboard about Anthony’s sudden rise to fame. He knew from the start he was unlike anyone else, “I listened to Oliver’s music and I just knew he was special,” Riffe said.

Riffe and Anthony recorded several songs together, not just “Rich Men North of Richmond.” At the time of his interview with Billboard, Riffe said fans can expect to see five additional acoustic videos from the sessions Anthony recorded for radiowv.

One of those new videos dropped on Tuesday (August 22).

Hear Oliver Anthony Sing His New Song, “I Want To Go Home”

The video shows Anthony performing a song that isn’t new to him, but may be new to many of his listeners. It’s titled “I Want to Go Home.”

Like the “Rich Men North of Richmond” video, the video of Anthony singing “I Want to Go Home” is acoustic, and shows him singing outside with his dogs.

In the song, Anthony expresses how bothered he is by what he sees “in this new world.” He expresses this sentiment to the fullest extent in the chorus, singing:

People have really gone and lost their way,
They all just do what the TVs say.
And I wanna go home…

Go ahead and hear Anthony sing “I Want to Go Home” in the video below.