Oklahoma Trio Gets 5 Chair Turn In Sneak Peek Video of “The Voice” Premiere

Danny Ventrella/NBC

In a sneak peek of “The Voice” Season 25 premiere, an Oklahoma trio known as OK3 steals the spotlight with their a cappella rendition of Meghan Trainor’s hit, “Made You Look.”

OK3 Receives 5-Chair Turn

Originating from Oklahoma City, Kenna, Sierra, and Courtney immediately grab the attention of the panel of coaches with a rendition of Megan Trainor’s pop hit.

When the ladies of OK3 hit their first notes, coaches John Legend, Reba McEntire, and newcomers to the panel Dan + Shay wasted no time turning their chairs to show their interest in the girl group. However, Chance the Rapper opted for a strategic approach, waiting until the middle of OK3’s performance before making his move to join his fellow coaches.

As the ladies of OK3 wrapped up their performance, the coaches wasted no time in making their pitches to convince the talented trio to join their teams. Each coach presents a compelling argument for the group to choose them as their mentor.

The Coaches Make Their Case On Why OK3 Should Pick Them

Right after the group wrapped up their audition, John Legend praised OK3’s performance, highlighting his extensive background in arranging songs for groups throughout his career, proving he could be a solid choice as a coach for them.

“I grew up arranging songs for groups. And then, when I went to college, I was, like, an award-winning a cappella arranger. If there’s nothing else that I do, I do this.”

In addition, Legend emphasized his belief in a significant opportunity within the current music industry for a girl pop group to thrive, showing his determination to work with them.

Shay Mooney of Dan + Shay also expressed his desire to coach OK3, making it a point that they could benefit from the unique insight and guidance that the pair can offer, drawing from his own experience as part of a successful musical duo.

“I don’t want to bash John too bad early. He was saying he’s an award-winning arranger for groups. We’re an award-winning group,” Dan Smyers says. “This is literally what we do,” Shay adds.

Meanwhile, Reba McEntire, hailing from the same Oklahoma roots as OK3, instantly felt a bond with the trio. Leveraging their shared background, she also humorously dangles her Grammy Award as an enticing motive for them to lean towards choosing her as their coach.

“I would love to have you gals on my team. We’d have a blast,” Reba says.

Ultimately, the teaser for the upcoming episode ends just before OK3 announces their decision.

Fans can witness who OK3 selects as their coach when Season 25 of “The Voice” premieres tonight, Monday, February 26, on NBC at 7 p.m. CT.

See OK3’s audition on Season 25 of “The Voice” below.