Nya Delivers “Best Idol Audition” Of The Season In Sneak Peek Video

YouTube/American Idol

American Idol recently teased what’s being hailed as the standout audition of the season.

Nya Audition’s For “American Idol”

American Idol just unveiled a sneak peek at what’s being dubbed as the season’s “best” audition, featuring Nya, a Broadway singer from New York. In a preview shared on American Idol’s YouTube page, Nya captivated the judges with her soulful rendition of Willow Smith’s “Wait a Minute.”

During Nya’s audition, the judges were mesmerized by the control and strength in her voice as she belted out the well-known pop song. All three judges rose to their feet, giving Nya a standing ovation. Afterwards, Luke Bryan was quick to express his thoughts on the remarkable performance.

“Maybe my favorite audition or performance this year, thus far,” Luke Bryan said, unable to contain his enthusiasm for Nya’s audition.

The judges were particularly struck by the versatility of her voice, noting that she defied expectations of a typical Broadway singer.

“The most impressive thing is that you don’t sound Broadway,” Luke continued. “We have people who are right off Broadway and everything about them is “Broadway,” he adds. “You are actually a massive singer.”

Lionel Richie couldn’t hold back his praise, declaring Nya’s audition the best of the year and expressing confidence in her potential to go all the way in the competition.

“What you have are the good, I think, to go all the way,” he declared. “This is [the] best audition of this year.”

Katy Perry was equally enthusiastic, going above and beyond by proclaiming herself Nya’s biggest fan and even orchestrating a music video moment, complete with a fan blowing Nya’s hair as she re-sang her audition song.

With approval from all three judges, Nya received three strong “yes’s,” setting the stage for what seems to be an exciting journey on American Idol.

Watch Nya’s American Idol Audition below.