Nursing Home Staff Dresses Up Like Deer So Residents Can Go Hunting

Wikwemikong Nursing Home / Facebook

A nursing home staff is letting their residents participate in hunting season!

It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has heavily impacted senior care centers. Facility regulations and social distancing have meant fewer visits for nursing home residents, but one care center in Canada found a creative way to bring back smiles!

Wikwemikong Nursing Home recently shared photos of their staff dressed as deer and moose. The care center’s team of woodland creatures pranced through a room of Christmas trees in a heartwarming game designed for the care center’s seniors. Nursing home residents were encouraged to “hunt” the frolicking staff members with Nerf guns!

“We heard it was open season so we gave it a SHOT,” the nursing home posted on Facebook.

Emily Barnes, the nursing home’s recreation manager, explained that the residents in the care facility come from a community where hunting is a big part of life. Barnes also reflected on the hunting activity’s success in an interview with CBC News. She stated:

“It was so much fun. I’m sure a few might have enjoyed shooting me a little more than they should have. But, it was a really great time.”

A special thanks to Barnes and all other care center staff members who dedicate their lives to uplifting the senior community!